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Fuel prices & the economy

Interview with The Politics Show

The King’s Speech proves a stammer is nothing to be ashamed of

Mail on Sunday article

The Bank of England Governor and Osborne’s extreme fiscal strategy

Interview with the Financial Times

George Osborne the Gambler

Tribune column

The economy and disappointing growth figures

Andrew Marr Show interview

“The Chancellor is in denial”

Independent on Sunday article

Osborne needs a Plan B

The People article

Exposing Tory myths on the economy

Daily Mirror article

After Oldham, let’s take the fight to the Tories

Tribune column

Cuts to police and counter-terror budgets put us at risk

Daily Mirror interview

The government’s review of counter-terrorism powers

Labour List article

Police cuts and the Met’s handling of protests

Interview with Sky’s Adam Boulton

Don’t let the Tories off the hook

Tribune column

Balancing civil liberties and national security

Andrew Marr Show interview

Cameron’s Big Society is a big con

Tribune column

Stretching the thin blue line to breaking point

Guardian article

Prevention is better than cure

Tribune column

Labour’s alternative to the coalition

Guardian article


The urgent task of winning the economic argument

Tribune column

“I’m the head and heart candidate”

Interview with Metro

Interview with the Independent on Sunday

Independent on Sunday

Ed Balls & Yvette Cooper’s first joint interview

Daily Mirror

“People have to vote for me for who I am, rather than who I'm not”

Interview with LabourList

“Judge me on my record as a champion of public services”

Unison members magazine article

An alternative plan on housing

Article for LabourList

Our alternative to ConDem cuts

Daily Mirror

The case against the growth-deniers – how Labour can win the argument that there is an alternative

Speech at Bloomberg

Let’s not re-run the debates of the past

Interview with Left Foot Forward website

Why we should keep the post public

Daily Mirror

The traps to avoid if Labour is to win back votes

The Times

Polly Toynbee interviews Ed

The Guardian

Don’t repeat the mistakes of the 1930s - there is an alternative

The Guardian

Save our Schools

Daily Mirror

It was Gove’s decision and his alone - Ed on the school building cuts fiasco

Sunday Mirror

An assault on our schools


The BBC's Laura Kuenssberg interviews Ed

BBC News

Ed on The Andrew Marr Show

BBC News

Cake baking in the Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper household prompts success on the political front


Labour leadership race: Ed Balls insists he is a 'winner'


Ed Balls fights on free school meals


Ed Balls promises diversity fund for would-be MPs


Ed Balls fears 'Tory Trojan horse' threat to academies selection programme


Re-building our party from the ground up

Labour Values

Ed's statement to union members:

Unions Together

Ed Balls interview: How school bullies toughened me up to fight the Tories


Ed on Question Time

BBC iPlayer

The Budget from hell


This unfair VAT bombshell is a betrayal

Daily Mirror

'Ed Balls says he’s the one to lead new Labour to victory'

Interview with The Times

Rebuilding our youth movement to win again


We must oppose the Tory-Liberal government’s unfair plan to raise VAT

Daily Telegraph

Ed's interview with The Guardian's G2 section

The Guardian

Iraq war was wrong - Ed’s Daily Telegraph interview

Daily Telegraph

Kerry McCarthy on why she’s backing Ed “ the more people get to see of him, the more they’ll like what they see”

Kerry McCarthy

We need a leader who can get things done. Ed Balls can.

Liberal Conspiracy

Write Ed Balls off at your peril - New Statesman

New Statesman

“I want Labour to win again showing whose side we are really on”

The Mirror

We have to show voters we really do 'get it' - Ed's Guardian article

The Guardian

“Leadership is about being strong, about taking tough decisions, about taking people with you and building a consensus for change based on your values and what you stand for. But it must also be about genuinely listening and hearing first before you decide.”Ed‘s letter to fellow Labour MPs

Labour Uncut

Ed pledges to “listen first” as he announces he’s running for Labour leader


We must listen and connect - Ed's article in The Independent

The Independent

'They said we were not on their side, that we lost touch' - Ed's post-election interview

The Guardian

Ed Balls