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My speech in Glasgow on the SNP’s plans for extended fiscal austerity – 27th April 2015

The Labour Choice on Tax – Tax Cuts for Millions, not Millionaires – my speech in Leeds – 6th April 2015

It’s time to end Tory austerity and only Labour can deliver – my speech in Glasgow – 1st April 2015

My speech on Labour’s VAT pledge – 27th March 2015

My speech on the Tories’ proposed £70 billion cuts to public spending – 9th March 2015

My speech at the launch of Labour’s general election pledge for the next generation – 27th February 2015

My speech to the British Chambers of Commerce Annual Conference – 10th February 2015

My response to the 2014 Autumn Statement

Labour will move more civil service jobs outside London and devolve economic power and funding to city and county regions – my speech at the Birmingham Post Business Awards – 27th November 2014

The choice on the economy – my speech in Bedford – 30th July 2014

My speech to the British Chambers of Commerce Annual Conference – 1st April 2014

Can Labour Change Britain? My speech to the Fabian Party Conference – 25th January 2014

My response to the Autumn Statement – 2nd December 2013

My speech to the National House-Building Council Annual Lunch – 21st November 2013

My speech to the CBI Conference – 4th November 2013

My speech to the Labour Party Conference in Brighton – 23rd September 2013

My response to the Spending Review – June 2013

Striking the right balance for the British economy – my speech at Thomson Reuters – June 2013

Speech to the EEF Annual Conference – 5th March 2013

House of Commons response to the Autumn Statement – 5th December 2012

Speech to the Labour Party Annual Conference – October 1st 2012

Speech to TUC Annual Congress – September 11th 2012

My FT article: give new Governor a better chance of success by fixing flaws in Bank of England reform Bill – 23rd April 2012

Speech to the British Chambers of Commerce Annual Conference – 15th March 2012

My Speech to the Fabian Society Annual Conference speech – 14th January 2012

My response to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement – 29th November 2011

“A visionary pragmatist: why Bevan is a Labour hero” – 2011 Aneurin Bevan Memorial Lecture

My Labour Party Conference speech – September 2011

The fork in the road – time for the alternative – My lecture at the London School of Economics – June 2011

My speech to the Institute of Directors Conference – May 11th, 2011

My speech to Labour Party Conference – September 2010

There is an alternative – my Bloomberg speech – August 2010

My speech at the ADCS Annual Conference – 9th July 2009

My speech at the National Children and Adult Services Conference – 23 October 2009

Increasing support and reducing burdens – my speech at the NASUWT Annual Conference – 26 March 2008

My speech at the ASCL Annual Conference – Brighton, 7 March 2008

My speech on ending child poverty – 10th December 2007

Towards a Middle East Economic Roadmap – My lecture given at the Royal Society of Arts, London – 19 June 2007

My speech at the Daycare Trust Conference: QEII Centre, London – 13 June 2007

My speech at the opening of the Bristol Institute of Public Affairs, Bristol University

My speech at the IMA annual dinner, London  – 22 May 2007

Disabled Children – A new Priority, 21 May 2007

My at the LDA Conference: London’s economy to 2012, 26 April 2007 

My speech at the FSA Principles-based Regulation Conference, 23 April 2007

My speech at the British Chamber of Commerce Annual Conference, London, 16 April 2007

My speech at the London Islamic Financial Services Summit, 29 March 2007

My speech to the Merrill Lynch Real Estate Conference, 28th March 2007

My speech to the NAPF Investment Conference, Edinburgh, 15th March 2007

My Speech to the Resolution Foundation Conference, 14 March 2007

My speech to the London Business School, 8th March 2007

My speech at the at the Rachel Squire Memorial Lecture, 20th February 2007

My speech to the Scottish Financial Services Industry, 20 December 2006

My speech to the Association of British Insurers Saver Summit 2006, 23 November 2006

My speech to the IOSCO Conference, 16th November 2006

My speech at the City of London Corporation Dinner, 25th October 2006

My speech at the SMF Business Forum, 17th October 2006

My speech to the British Bankers’ Association, 11th October 2006

Speech at the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, 05 October 2006

My speech at the Financial Club on Globalisation and the IMF in the decade after the Asian Crisis, 14th September 2006

Financial services, a UK perspective – My speech at the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, 13th September 2006

The City as the global finance centre: risks & opportunities – My speech at Bloomberg, 14th June 2006

My speech to The Chartered Institute Of Housing Annual Conference, 15th June 2004

Stability, growth and UK Fiscal policy – My at the Inaugural Ken Dixon Lecture, to the Department of Economics, University of York, 23rd January 2004

Tackling the Adult Skills Deficit – the Delivery Challenge, 26th March 2003

My speech at the Institute for International Economics, Washington DC, 6th March 2003

Global Downturn and Recovery – Learning the Right Lessons, my speech at the HSBC Global Investment Seminar, 16th October 2003

Why the five economic tests? My 2002 Cairncross Lecture, 4th December 2002

Devolution and Localism in Public Policy – a view from the Treasury, 16 June 2002

Delivering Economic Stability, my speech on 12th June 2001

My speech to the Core Cities Conference, 15th September 2000

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