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At Harvard Kennedy School, Ed has led a project on the evolution of central banking post-financial crisis and is collaborating with Peter Sands and a team of graduate students on the impact of Brexit on British business. He has given seminars at Harvard, Yale, NYU and USC. At King’s College London, he is in his fourth year co-teaching a graduate class on The Treasury and Economic History since 1945 with Dr Jon Davis and Lord Nick Macpherson.

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Central Bank Independence Revisited  

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Brexit and British Business


MA Teaching: The Treasury and Economic History since 1945


Globalisation and Inclusive Prosperity

Ed co-chaired the Center for American Progress Inclusive Prosperity Commission with former US Treasury Secretary, Larry Summers, which reported in January 2015. In 2017, he toured Australia with former Treasurer Wayne Swann talking about lessons from the Global Financial Crisis.


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Inclusive Prosperity

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Global Financial Crisis:                 

Ten Years On


International monetary fund

Ed was the Chair of the IMF Committee deputies 2001-2004 and has been a member of recent IMF missions in 2016 and 2018 to advise the Icelandic and Greek governments and fiscal policy and performance budgeting.